2018 Teachers

We’re thrilled to announce the return of our teachers from 2017. With a full slate of 3 simultaneous tracks for a total of 27 hours of classes, each couple will teach classes for intermediate, advanced, and all levels. We can’t wait to continue learning from these Maestros!

Rodrigo “Joe” Corbata & Lucila Cionci

Lucila Cionci and Rodrigo “Joe” Corbata, who have been dancing tango for nearly twenty years, are surely one of the most charismatic dancing couples from the new generation of Argentine tango dancers. Their dance, arresting in its plasticity and expressiveness, is characterized by innovative choreography, dynamic improvisation, and a deep sense of connection.

The pair, who live in and are natives of Buenos Aires, are part of the teaching staff of Cosmotango (CITA) and are members of the International Jury at the International Championship of Tango Argentino. They have taught and performed at the major tango festivals in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and they have received excellent responses from students of all levels. In 2007, the pair founded Formula Tango to support the artistry and instruction of Argentine tango worldwide.

Lucila and Joe have performed in Unión Tanguera’s “Tango Vivo” and “Nuit Blanche,” under the direction of Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega, and in Zaraza Tango’s “Corazón a Corazón,” under the direction of Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa. They have participated in Fast Tango Company’s “Romance de Tango” as artistic co-directors with Marcela Guevara and Stefano Giudice, and in “Otango,” performing the principal role since 2010, as well.

Lucila, a graduate of the Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte, studied contemporary dance and choreography while refining her tango skills under the guidance of Diego Arizaga, Andrea Guassardo, Mauricio Castro, Fabian Salas, Carla Marano, Chicho Frumboli, Raul Bravo, and Carlitos Perez. In 2008, Lucila performed in “Carmen” under director Sally Potter at the English National Opera in London.

Joe initially followed in his family’s footsteps, studying music, then, joining a blues band before dedicating his daily efforts and life to tango. In 1993, he enrolled in la Boehmia Tango Academy, directed by the maestros Ernesto Carmona and Norma Tommasi. Joe, who directs his own company, Tango Bizzarro, toured for four years in Asia, South America, and South Africa.


Pablo Inza & Sofia Saborido

Dancer, choreographer, stage director and tango teacher. With a rich background in contemporary dance, artistic performance and direction, Pablo Inza started dancing tango in 1992 with both amateur milongueros as well as renowned maestros. He participated as dancer and choreographer in many tango shows in Argentina and also internationally. Since 1999 he has been invited to teach and perform in the most prestigious festivals. As stage director he created “Radio Cabulero”(presented in Bergen International Festival in 2002, Norway) “El arte de amar” (Tangomagia VI 2003, Holland). In Buenos Aires he did “El camion” (2001-02); “Matambre” (2003), “Metronomo” (2004), “Living” (2008) and “En el abrazo”(2012). Between 2004 and 2009 he was the producer and artistic director of Cambalache (a festival based on a fusion of tango, theater and contemporary dance). He was also one of the founders of Practica X (2004-2012) which was one of the most frequented practicas in Buenos Aires.

Dancer and tango teacher with a background in theatre, ballet, modern and jazz dance. Great grand-daughter of Enrique Saborido (dancer, musician and composer of tangos like La Morocha or Felicia and many others) Sofia Saborido started dancing tango when she was only 10 years old. At the age of 12 she entered in the young tango ballet of La Plata. In 2000 she worked in the dinner show “La Cumparsita” and performs every Sunday at the historic show of plaza Dorrego, in San Telmo. In 2006 she won the 4th place of in the tango championship of Buenos Aires. In 2009 and 2010 she participated as main dancer in the show “Tango Argentique” presented in the Theatre Festival of Avignon. During the last decade she has developed an intensive pedagogical activity abroad and has been invited to teach in more than twenty countries all over the globe.

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Tomás Howlin & Luciana Valle

Tomás Howlin was born and brought up in Buenos Aires and has been a professional Argentine Tango dancer, performer, and teacher for nearly 30 years. He regularly tours the United States and Canada for seminars and special events. His advanced pedagogy and style, combined with his unique ties to the culture that gave rise to the dance, makes him an unparalleled bridge between traditional tango and the newer tendencies.

Luciana Valle began dancing tango in the early nineties. Her teachers included Gustavo Naviera, Fabián Salas, Pepito Avellaneda, Mingo Pugliese, Graciela González, and Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli, among others. Her remarkable skills have put her in the center of the current tango revival. Between 1995 and 1997, she collaborated with Gustavo Naveira and Fabián Salas in a project which created a language for the tango dance.

Throughout this time, she taught classes and performed in several private and public institutions in Buenos Aires including universities, cultural centers, restaurants, and Tango Saloons. In 1996 she took her first professional tour to Brazil, where she performed various exhibitions and shows in addition to teaching classes. She also taught in Ecuador.

In 1998 Luciana started working with renowned teachers and dancers Valencia Batik and Dina Martinez to establish a permanent group dedicated to research and study of the tango dance. In 1999 Luciana started traveling to the US. As a distinguished teacher with extensive knowledge of tango, her prestige soon flourished. Since then the demand for her expertise has boomed an she now tours the country regularly, with a following of enthusiastic students spanning from San Francisco to Boston and from Tampa to Seattle.

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Private Lessons

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