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  1. Shiau

    Hey guys I look forward to seeing you at the festival. I currently have two bedrooms, 2 couches, wooden floor, mirrors and the like. It will be cozy here since I signed up for a lot of guests ;). We have cats and about 2 bathrooms.

    1. Linda Reiss

      Hi Shiau,

      I plan on coming to Austin but have not booked my flights yet. I hope to not have to rent a car. Will there be people staying that will have a car? Are you close to the venues?

      1. Heidi Maeder

        Hello! The hotel is the closest to the venue and would not require a car rental. My place is decently far from the venue (30min). I am not sure if anyone who is staying with me will have a car…

  2. Andrea

    I’m hosting and have a second bedroom with a queen bed, a futon in the living room, and have a twin bed (while I sleep in the other one, as my daughter will be with her dad visiting from Eugene). I have a cat and one bathroom, and ready for lots of dancing!! Welcome to Austin (I’ve lived in Denver and Maui, too!)! See y’all soon!

    1. Lan Tran-Phu

      Hello Andrea,

      Will you still be hosting for Spring 2017, March 24-27?
      2017 will be my 1st time attending the Austin festival. The hotels no longer have the special group rates and their regular rates are so expensive. Please let me know. Thank you.

    2. Linda Reiss

      Hi Andrea, I plan on coming to Austin but have not booked my flights yet. I don’t plan on renting a car unless necessary. Is your place near the venue? Will you be attending? Or will there be someone else at the house that is attending and driving? Just trying to feel it out. (friend of Vance from Idaho)

  3. Sarah

    Hi, One full size bed in a spare bedroom/ bathroom, and an extra twin cot if needed (not sure how comfy it is.) I live a bit far from the venues, in NE Pflugerville, but right near major highways- you will need your own transportation as I will not be in attendance for everything. My pittbull is a sweet girl, but a bit nervous around new people, so we’ll have to ease in gently. If these haven’t scared you off so far, I’d be thrilled to have you! – Sarah

  4. Ina

    Hi! Any women interested in sharing a hotel room at the residence inn (24-27 March 2017)? The rooms have a regular bed and a sofa bed. -Ina


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