2018 DJ’s

We’re pleased to welcome our DJ’s for the 2018 Austin Spring Tango Festival.

Milton Azevedo

Milton AzevedoSaturday Night Milonga: 9pm-1am
Sunday Night Milonga (Inside Dance Floor): 8pm-1am

Milton “El Gallo” is not your regular DJ. He is an entertainer who understands that every moment, every second, of an event matters. His approach to DJing mirrors his approach to tango. He looks to connect with the people in the room, carefully selecting songs, tandas, and even cortinas to create a mood that accentuates the experience for each dancer present. Be careful, his exuberant energy is infectious! Occasionally, you may find him out on the floor instead of behind his computer, orchestrating the experience and engaging with the crowd. Milton hails from Boston-ish (MA, USA). He DJs regularly all across the eastern side of North America and has DJed big events in Montreal, Toronto, New York, New England, and beyond like Michigan, Colorado, Puerto Rico, Berlin, and others!

Dean Baumann

Dean BaumannSaturday Afternoon Milonga: 3pm -6pm

Having partner danced since 1999, Dean began his Argentine Tango adventure in 2002 in San Francisco where he initially learned Tango as part of the Dance Vision Instructor-training syllabus. He was accredited in summer of 2003 and became a staff teacher, performer and DJ at the Metronome Ballroom in downtown SF, working in all the partner dances but specializing in Argentine Tango. During the next 10 years he made several trips to Buenos Aires to work with such great masters as Carlos Gavito, Luciana Valle and Fabian Salas. In 2008 he moved to Denver and has continued teaching and DJing. He especially enjoys alternative music and has worked very hard to share this wonderful genre with Tango enthusiasts everywhere!


Pablo Inza

Friday Night Milonga: 10:00pm-2:00am
Pablo Inza Facebook

Better known as a dancer and teacher, Pablo Inza plays as a DJ only on special occasions. However, for 9 years he used to be the resident DJ at the mythical Practica X in Buenos Aires. In the last year he has been invited as DJ at Seattle TangoMagic (USA), Bailongo Montreal (Canada), Tallin Tango Festival (Estonia), Winter Tango Lillehammer (Norway) just to mention a couple of events.

He’s the kind of a DJ who stays at his desk working, tuning the sound according to the dancers, creating atmospheres and contrasts… He approaches the mood of an evening as a growing wave until the very end of the evening. Pablo prefers classics, thus the big tango names can be heard at his milongas; but at the same time he also dares to surprise the dancers from time to time by playing a couple of tunes that most of the people would hear for the first time.

Jennifer Wang

DJ Jennifer WangSunday Night Milonga (Outside Dance Floor): 8pm-10:30pm

It’s a love affair between Jennifer and Argentine Tango. Jennifer first heard Argentine tango music in 2008 and started driving 4 hours to get to the closest milonga. This went on over a year before she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and saved her an 8-hour round trip drive in rain, sleet and, or snow. This tanguera has been seen at tango festivals and marathons since 2011 as well as local milongas throughout North America and a few trips abroad. Jennifer DJs and organizes milongas on a regular basis with great enthusiasm. Jennifer will say that she does not have a long and impressive resume, but others say the passion she brings to milongas with her DJing and dancing, leading or following, with shoes or barefoot, is contagious and this love for tango spreads with a fury.

Phyllis Williams

Phyllis WilliamsSaturday Night Milonga: 1am-6am

Phyllis Williams doesn’t really belong anywhere in space or time; music is the closest concept of a home that she has. Born in Dallas, raised in Mexico and bouncing around the globe has been the stuff of life. Then, there’s TANGO. From the moment she heard it, she knew what was important about being alive. Initially in love with the fire and passion of Piazolla, to whose music she witnessed her first tango while Pablo Zieglar and his quintet performed a Dallas concert twenty years ago, Phyllis has steadily been delving into the rich musical tradition during her yearly pilgrimages to Buenos Aires, befriending DJs in tango venues throughout the world,guest DJing and adding to her collection, knowledge and experience to bring you the best of Golden Age music.