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Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful Austin Spring Tango Festival.  It was great!! I’m sure I can’t even imagine how much thought, effort, planning, coordination, leadership, and support go into producing such an event.  Obviously, the festival has a lot of clout, as demonstrated by the caliber of teachers you are able to bring, plus how smoothly everything ran.

Thank you so much for promoting tango in a big way and for putting on such a great festival right here in South-Central Texas.  I feel that I learned a lot, and I had a great time relating to other tangueros, old and new.

Looking forward to next year’s festival.  Hope to see you soon on the dance floor!
Cecie, CA

Had a great time at the milonga last night. Well organized. The DJ was awesome. He played beautiful music all night long. WELL DONE!!!

Thank you Vance and the Austin and greater Texas tango communities for the warm welcome Raquel and I received coming from out of state. This is the reason we keep coming back. The classes were also great, and we learned a lot. We are already looking forward to next year.

Thank you, Vance, for another wonderful tango festival! We had such a good time, and so appreciated the excellent instruction from the “maestros”!

I am a very new tango dancer and on a whim, jumped on the email notice my dance instructor sent regarding your Spring Tango Festival.  Just as an FYI, no one else from [my town] indicated they were going, but I took that as an opportunity to take a solo road trip to explore what looked like a vibrant dance community on my own with no expectations, no pre-conceptions.

Everyone affiliated in Austin with your festival was polite, friendly, gracious, and it’s obvious to me from my involvement with a dance community in Seattle that a lot of work and foresight went into planning this one: from the refreshments to the inconspicuous, but carefully placed volunteers who gender balanced classes so none of the followers would have to be wallflowers.  Despite my newness . . . no one ran away from me during workshops OR practicas and I felt “gifted” by those experienced leaders who introduced me to moves and combinations I had never seen before.   In the workshops, I [was] honing follow skills, developing an appreciation for the dance, and learning to love the music and culture growing around and within the Argentine tango. 

I was delighted to have a genial and congenial “host” during the Sunday potluck, and [I] NEVER felt excluded or less than an honored guest.  You may congratulate yourselves on being wonderful hosts.  Please know I am singing your praises for all in this area to hear.   And I will be back next year as a more experienced follow. 

[In addition,] the instructors were superb . . . [and] can conceptualize, explain, and embody the tango embrace, the lead and follow via subtle energy and touch, and the soul and sensuality of the dance.  They have so much to offer.

From this lady who experienced all she hoped to during the weekend and more,

Looking forward to seeing my “compatriotas” and colegas!!!

Looking forward to lots of dancing and seeing friends this weekend!

I’m on the plane traveling home after a great private at the airport learning to lead milonga. I’m so high I can fly.  We had a great time. The warmth and the affection of your community keep bringing us back.

I’m taking home with me a special moment I shared: Gabriel and I had a loving dance with Kenton between us and Margaret was watching over the tangueros that were sitting too long.

Sharing warm sunset and bird songs with Kay were heart-opening experiences.

Thank you for filling our heart with dance.
Raquel, CA: 4/2012

I regret that I only had one day to dance in Austin, but it was so very nice to be back “home.”

Thank you Austin (and Vance) for a fantastic weekend! It was wonderful to see you all again! We are already looking forward to next year.

I saw the notice about the Austin Spring Tango Festival. Looks like an excellent set of teachers!  I will finally make it back to Austin in 2014. You guys always do a great job and I am happy to see the community is taking over as a non profit.  See you in March!
Shaun, MO

Vending at the Austin Spring Tango Festival is a delight!  Vance is an amazing organizer, and provides a warm, friendly atmosphere for all.See you in March!